Hand made orgonite charge plate £12.00

Hand made orgonite charge plate £12.00 - Tumble Stones
Made with a mixture of metals shungite crystals, resin other crystals, having an orgonite brings life force into stagnant areas. It raises vibrations and helps produce a balanced environment to support electrically sensitive people.
Orgone helps change energy from negative to positive and is useful in a number of situations. Increasingly people are getting concerned about their environment.

Nature also benefits and many Orgone makers gift the environment placing the Orgone where it will have maximum effect.

Sensitive people who suffer where there are leylines, electrical gadgets like computers, Wi-fi, TV's, satellite dishes, an orgone can help.
Spiritual growth.with cleaner energy.  An orgonised home or workplace can be like a permanent spiritual retreat! Protects from emfs.  This is one of the main orgonite benefits that draws people to it. Purifies the atmosphere
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